Worship Team Ministry

Our Focus

Our focus and goal is to make sure that every worship Team Member is connected not only to the flow of the Holy Spirit but also to their team mates in order to adapt and connected in all aspects of the Worship Team to find the pure sound of Praise and Worship which will bring Honor to our heavenly Father and pulls the presence of Heaven to earth.

Our Team

We are not a Church which differentiate one person from another, we believe that God loves everyone and if you have a gift for the worship Team as far as singing or playing an instrument, and you would like to be use as an instrument for God, then we welcome you as part of the team.

Our Commitment

It is our commitment as a team to make sure that we are present in all of our practices during the week and also present in our services, this is why we are the Praise and Worship Team. It is our call and duty to make sure the House of the Lord is supplied with Praise and Worship when the church gathered to Worship every week.

New Team Members

It is a responsibility of a new member or want to be member to inform the Worship Team Leader of your desire to be in the Worship Team and also to participate in practices and services.

ALL New Team members will go through a period of training and waiting before being used in Worship Services. It is the discretion of the Worship Team Leader to let you know when you are ready.

Worship Team Guidelines

Every member of the Worship Team is responsible and accountable to your call as a Worship Team Member. It is your duty and responsibility to communicate with your leader when you are not available.

Final Word

It will be an honor to serve the Lord with you if you have a gift or a talent in this area and you would like to be a part of the church and this team, we would love to have you.

For More Information

If you have any questions in regards to the Worship Team, please contact the Worship Team Leader at 360 518-4171

Worship Team Ministry

Our Purpose


Our Goals is to be able to fulfill the purpose that God has placed in our hearts and lives for this Ministry. We are blessed to be used to bring honor to our Heavenly Father, but at the same time we strive as the Worship Team to make sure that we usher in the presence of the Lord through our lives and what we are called to do in our church.

Our Team


We are a Ministry that believes God loves everyone and uses everyone as we choose to be used for the Lord. Therefore our team consists of everyone that wants to serve in the Worship Team. In our ministry it is mostly the young people who desires to serve in the Worship Team and we thank God for this young folks.

Worship Team Leader


We are grateful to God for the gifts and talents that He has blessed this young man with. Maverick is the Worship Team leader who loves to sing, worship, praise and also works with the whole worship Team to make sure they bring a unified sound of Praise and Worship every time they minister.



These are the young ladies and young men that have a desire to offer their voices to honor our Heavenly Father through Praise and Worship Songs. Thank God for you all.

Our Media


These young ladies offered their service to serve in our Media. They are responsible for sound system, projectors, microphones set up and more. Thank you for all you do.

Instrument Players


These are the young men who learned to play our instruments just so they can serve God in the Worship Team Ministry. It is their desire to serve God in the Worship Team so they strive to learn an instrument so they can be of service in the team.

We appreciate your help

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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