Weekly Schedules

Sunday School

For Adults and Children.

1pm - 1:55pm

only 2nd Sunday to the last Sunday of every month. 1st Sunday no Sunday School.

Sunday Service

1st Sunday every month.

1pm - 3pm

2nd to the last Sunday .

2pm - 3:30pm


1st Wed every month.

Pastoral and leadership meeting.

6pm - 8pm

2nd Wed to last Wed monthly

Bible Study for all ages.

6pm - 7pm


1st and 3rd Fridays Monthly.

Women's Ministry Nights.

6pm - 8pm

2nd and the 4th Friday Monthly.

Youth Ministry Nights.

6pm - 8pm


Prayer Meetings.

6am - 7am

Men's Bible Sharing/Discipleship

8am - 9am

Worship Team Rehearsals.

6pm - 8am

Pastors Note

For everyone's information: for months that have 5 weeks, the Youth will mostly use the 5th Friday unless another ministry has something that needs to be done then they will use that Friday but it will be on the monthly calendar. 

Weekly Services

Sunday Service

It is always a great time to Worship and hear the Word of the Lord. Thank you Jesus for your Word.

Deacons ready to Serve

Our deacons and deaconesses are always ready to serve the Lord every time we gather. Thank you Lord for all the dedicated servants that offered themselves to serve in our ministry. 

Blessed Sunday Service

A great service, thank God for His presence and anointing. Praise God for His goodness and His Word which builds us up and strengthens our faith.

Prayers Meetings

Agreement is one of the keys that Jesus gave us to release the favor of God upon our lives.

Prayer is the life line for every ministry. Thank God for these men, women and children who are committed to praying for our Ministry.

Jesus said "Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door shall be open, Ask and you shall receive.