Women's Ministry Team Officers



We believe that it is our duty to oversee and manage every aspect of the Ministry that God has called us into, to make sure that everything runs according to the Vision that God has placed in our hearts. This is the reason the First lady of the Church Oversees this Ministry. Also to build up women's who are coming in to the Ministry so that they may be able to build another woman up in their faith, and continue disciplining other women and young ladies. 



In the Women's Ministry they have an office which consist of the secretary and Treasure besides the Overseer and the Director. The Secretary has to make sure that the Women's Ministry journey  and activities are documented. It is important that the secretary records every meetings, every new members, every hospital visitations etc... just to keep all the records of the Ministry. The Secretary and the treasure of the Women's Ministry works together with the Director and the Overseer of the Ministry for a smooth operation of the Ministry.



The Women's Ministry treasure plays a big part in this ministry. This is the only Ministry in our Church that funds their own activities through their own donations. They have agreed on their own to have their own account so that they could help out the Church in other needs, and also fund their own outings and fun times when they choose to. This is where the treasure comes in, to make sure she works together with the secretary to keep track of how they spend the funds for they are all donations into their Ministry.

Women's Ministry


Our focus and goal for this ministry is to be able to connect with all women who enters our facility and be able to build relationship with them through the love of Christ. We strive and endure to build all women to be stronger in faith in the Lord and become a soldier of the Cross, to take the gospel to the world.

Weekly Events

In order to accomplish the Goal and to fulfill the purpose for the women's ministry, we have set up a gathering for women who are joined in the women's ministry, to come together every 1st and 3rd Friday of every month, the purpose of this gathering is to build relationship with each other and to build each other up in the Word. The only way a ministry can stand strong is when the people that are involved in it are strong and grounded in love, and that is not built in one day, it is a lifetime, so that is the reason women are encouraged to come together in our ministry.

Women have a church service every 1st Friday of every month. The First Lady which is the Overseer of the women's ministry will assign one of the women in the ministry or a special speaker to speak the Word of God. All the women that are committed and involved in this ministry will have a chance to speak the Word of God and encouraged all the Women. There are many times we hear the Word when somebody else speaks, but I believe we are all called to take the word to the world, and I believe the only way for someone to gain confidence, is hands on, that is why we give all the women the opportunity to speak.

Women plays a huge part...

There are many ministry that do not use women, they even forbid women from speaking in churches. In our ministry we believe that God is the same yesterday, today and forever, if he used women in the past to fulfill His purpose in the past, then He is still using them today. Women plays a huge part in our ministry, they have the gift of life, they were created to give life and birth out life, and nurtured life, so if they are build right in the Kingdom of God, they will become a huge asset in the Kingdom.

All women belong

In this ministry, we encourage all women to get involved in this ministry, every one has their own understanding and agenda about everything and anything, but the heart of the ministry is for all women's to become one in the Lord and to be able to operate under one vision from God, which is the Church vision, "Love God" "Love People". When we are able to adopt that Vision, then everyone will be able to work together.

Activity Night

On the 3rd Friday of every month, the women's director has scheduled this Friday for all the women to come together and enjoy an activity night together. They will have some games and a lot of fun stuffs that they do on that night. We want everyone to have a balanced life in the ministry.

Final Word

To all the women of all ages, we welcome you all, I want you to know that you belong, no matter what anyone said or did to you in the past, God welcomes you, the door to this ministry of women from all over the globe is open to you. Be blessed...

For More Information

If you have any questions regarding to the women's Ministry, please feel free to contact the Overseer at 360 567-9637.

Woman to Woman Gathering on friday 11/16/2018

Wonderful fellowship and worship service for the women on Friday 11/16/2018, hosted by the Living Water Pentecostal Church and led by First Lady Esther Faualo. Thank God for His Word from Pastor Debra Kimbrough of Unity Church.

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