Outreach / Mission Ministry

O/M Ministry Leader


This Ministry is one of the most important in any Church Ministry, it focuses not only within the community, but also globally and internationally, it is our co-mission from the Lord to make disciples of all nations. Associate Pastor Adrian and Debra Thomas leads this Ministry in our Church. It is their duty and call to make sure that we are connected with the community and abroad.

Outreach / Mission Ministry


It is the focus and goal of this ministry to make sure we are fulfilling the great Commission that our Lord has bestowed upon us. We want to make sure we reach our surrounding neighbors and the communities with the Gospel. It is also the focus of this ministry to reach out oversees and other countries with the good news of the Gospel. 


Our Outreach/Mission Ministry Team are people from all over our Church Ministry who want to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are men, women and young  people who are zealous for God and also longing to spread the good news without fear.

You Belong

There is always room for one more team member, we provide teaching and training to equip all our outreach Ministry Team members. This ministry is not particularly for a special person, but it is for everyone that wants to be a part of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The Outreach/Mission Ministry Team gathers whenever the team Leader or the Ministry Director announced an outreach or a mission and when it is going to happen and what is involve. It is a fun time to be involved in the spreading of the gospel.

Final Word

If you want to be a part of this ministry, simply inform the Ministry Director and he/she will accommodate you. Blessings...

For More Information

If you have any question regarding to the Outreach and Mission Ministry please contact the O/M Ministry Leader at: 360 281-7840 or 360 553-9190

Assoc Pastor Adrian and Debra Thomas.

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