Bus Ministry

Bus Ministry Leader


Our Bus Ministry is led by one of our Deacons Couple Misilei and Dacia Sosene. It is one of a challenging Ministry in the Church due to a lot of commitment that is required to operate this Ministry, but this couple has offered their time to serve God in our Bus Ministry and are willing to pick up anyone that is need of a ride to the Church. God Bless you all. 

Bus Ministry


It is a focus and goal of this ministry to be able to reach out to those that are in need of transportation to bring them to the Church or whatever functions that we have in order for them to be a part or participate in our activities or gatherings. We believe that sometimes transportation are not always available at home, so this the reason our bus ministry are standing by to answer that need if it is requested and needed.

It is available for those who are in need to come to service or church functions and also available to drop them off home. The bus ministry is not for our personal use but God has blessed us with a Ministry vehicle to be able to help others who do not have transportation to Church or any ministry function.

Availability and Scheduling

It is the responsibility of the rider to contact the Bus Ministry Director if the need rises for a ride to any church functions or gatherings. We will have all the contact information for all ministry Directors available. It is also the responsibility of the rider to make sure the Bus Ministry Director is informed ahead of time for a ride.

You are Welcome

Every person regardless of the background or ethnicity is welcome to  request for a ride if the need rises. It is our purpose and focus in this ministry to reach out if a transportation is needed.

You Belong

If by any means you become a member of this Church Ministry and you want to be a part of the Bus Ministry then you are welcome to be a part of it. Just let the Director of the Ministry know your desire and he/she will accommodate you.

Bus Ministry Guidelines

We believe when we are born again in the Lord we become one family in Christ, it is our desire as a Ministry to keep the peace and to make sure that everyone gets along, but unfortunately sometimes even in the Christian world sometimes it is hard, so we encourage all our bus riders to get along as they ride along with each other on the Bus. 

Final Word

As the Bus Ministry, we are standing by to help. For everyone that do not have transportation or ride to any of our Church functions or activity, we are here to serve you. God Bless..

For More Information

Please contact the Bus Ministry Director at 

360 281-0385 or 360 281-0442

Deacon Misi and Dacia Sosene.

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